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    Miller Family Wine Company

    Miller Family Wine Company



    About Us

    Recognized as one of California's most respected winegrowing families, the Miller Family is a fifth-generation CA farming family with agricultural roots on the Central Coast tracing back to 1871.

    The Miller Family Wine Company includes the management of French Camp Vineyard in Paso Robles, acclaimed national wine brands including J. Wilkes, Ballard Lane, Barrel Burner, and Smashberry, Control Label brands with prominent retailers across the U.S., and the leading regional winery facilities of Central Coast Wine Services and Paso Wine Services.

    Control Label - Utilizing Miller Family Wine Company's vertical integration in the wine industry, the company's control label business offers the expertise of being one of the preeminent growers and producers of premium wine on California's Central Coast. Miller Family Wine Company offers a diversified wine portfolio with premium bulk wine and market-ready control labels, with organic offerings available.

    Wineries & Production - Formerly known as Central Coast Wine Services, and Paso Robles Wine Services, Miller Family Wine Company production facilities' mission continues to be to produce the highest quality wines within the framework of a safe, professional work environment. Both facilities are CCOF certified.


    Miller Family Wine Company logo
    Ownership (left to right) Nicholas Miller, Stephen Miller, and Marshall Miller
    Branded Wines
    Harvest - French Camp Vineyards
    French Camp Vineyards
    Wes Hagen - J. Wilkes, Winemaker
    Clay Brock - Barrel Burner, Winemaker
    Richard Shelton - Ballard Lane, Winemaker
    Thomas Fertel, Smashberry, Winemaker
    Bottling Operation
    MFWC Cellar
    Wines aging in barrel

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