• 100 Percent Groundwater for Santa Maria

    April 20, 2021
    100 Percent Groundwater for Santa Maria

    The City of Santa Maria is now providing customers with 100 percent groundwater supplies, due to the drought and reduced State Water deliveries. While on groundwater, the City continues to meet all drinking water standards, however, City customers may notice a difference in the water due to the increased hardness and mineral content.

    As California experiences a second consecutive dry year, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) recently set its State Water allocation for the 2021 water year at 5 percent. Allocations represent the amount of State Water that DWR will deliver for the year and are set based on several factors, such as water in storage, environmental requirements, and rain and snowmelt runoff projections. At this time, DWR anticipates it will only be able to deliver 5 percent of State Water supplies. 

    In a typical month, the City uses State Water to provide approximately 90 percent of the domestic water supply, with the balance consisting of local groundwater. 

    The exclusive use of local groundwater will continue through May, and the City anticipates again relying solely on the groundwater basin for November and December. This schedule differs from previous years in which the City typically imported State Water throughout the year except in November when the State Water pipeline was being maintained.

    The Utilities Department reminds residents and businesses of the importance of conserving water. The Department is currently participating in the “National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation” throughout the month of April and undertaking a “Go Green in the Spring” campaign. In addition, the ongoing conservation campaign will be reenergized in May during the nationally recognized “Water Conservation Month.” 

    For more information about the City’s water conservation programs, visit www.cityofsantamaria.org/waterconservation. For more information about the switch to groundwater, contact the Utilities Department at (805) 925-0951 extension 7270.