• Allan Hancock College “Promise Plus” Program Pays for Upskilling, Retraining Workforce

    In 2018, Allan Hancock College launched the popular Hancock Promise, which offers the “First Year Free at AHC” for all local high school seniors transitioning to college.

    This fall, Hancock extended the program to cover tuition and fees to any student taking a full load (12 units or more) over the next two years. The program is called Promise Plus and pays for all tuition and fees for full-time students. The program began this fall and continues through the 2022-23 academic year.

    Students can pursue courses in any program offered at Hancock, including popular classes in business, technology, health sciences, Spanish, and career technical education—which has career-specific programs ranging from agriculture and culinary arts to manufacturing and welding).

    “Over the last year, we recognized the impact the pandemic had on many of our students,” said Hancock Superintendent/President Kevin G. Walthers, Ph.D. “With the Promise Plus program, Hancock is helping change the odds for students by offering a path back to stability. This is not only a great way to support our students, but it’s also an amazing investment in our community.”

    Promise Plus is the perfect opportunity for employers in the region to train their workforce with no direct cost to their company. It is especially advantageous for part-time workers who will benefit from additional education or training. While students must take 12 units (usually four classes) to qualify, many courses can be completed online, during the evenings, or in other hybrid formats.

    The program is also a great opportunity for employees seeking to prepare for their next step up in a company or to prepare for upward mobility in their industries. The full-tuition benefit, combined with other financial support available; through the college, affords students the financial stability to study full-time and complete their credentials more quickly.

    The college also launched a new webpage this summer at www.hancockcollege.edu/pathways to help employers and employees explore career options and the programs Hancock offers. The site also includes average salary for dozens of fields, adjusted to our region.

    “The Promise Plus provides an incredible opportunity to a wide range of students no matter where they are in their educational journey,” said Hancock Associate Superintendent/Vice President of Student Services Nohemy Ornelas, Ed.D. “This program offers them a chance to start, continue or restart their education without the cost of tuition being an obstacle to that important goal.”

    For more information on the Promise Plus program, go to hancockcollege.edu/promiseplus.