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    The Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Program serves as the public relations arm of the Chamber. With over 30 business members currently serving as Ambassadors in the program, the volunteer program remains instrumental in helping the Chamber serve the 800+ business members in their growing organization. Chief Ambassador Erika Weber as been with the program for 15 years now, and talks about her experience and the importance of the Chamber Ambassador program.
    How long have you been an Ambassador? What made you want to get involved?
    I joined the Ambassador Club in 2003. I was reluctant at first, but, found a group of community leaders that were interested in serving the community and helping the Chamber of Commerce expand its reach.
    I’ve been Chief Ambassador since 2004. My duties as Chief include tracking the attendance of the ambassadors at Chamber events, managing the bank account, recognizing ambassadors for exemplary participation, communicating the needs of the Chamber of Commerce to the Ambassadors and filling in when needed.
    What is your favorite part about being an Ambassador?
    People. I enjoy meeting and working with all of the people that make this community great. My involvement with the Ambassador Club has allowed me to meet and learn about new businesses in our area, support their efforts to thrive and give back to our community.
    How many Ambassadors are currently in the program? Why would you encourage others to join?
    We currently have 36 active Ambassadors. Because this is a volunteer program, no one is required to attend every event. We encourage Ambassadors to participate as much as their schedule will allow. Our primary purpose is to ensure that Chamber members know about and utilize all the benefits of Chamber membership. And we encourage non-members to become members so they too can grow their businesses the way other Chamber members have. Being an Ambassador is a great way to build relationships. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

     The Ambassador Club is a fun, energetic and smart group of people dedicated to the idea that networking and building relationships within the Chamber of Commerce is the best way to do business and to give back to the community. Those interested in learning more can contact Erika Weber at (805) 928-5000 ext. 135 or eweber@vtc-sm.org.

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