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  • Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems is in the Business of Putting People into Business

    Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems Central Coast offer commercial cleaning services for any size business, from large manufacturing down to small general offices. What makes the company unique is their franchise model.

    “We’re in the business of putting people into business,” explained Greg Ibsen, President of Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems Central Coast. “Individuals will come to us and they will make an investment, and we will put them into their own cleaning franchise.”

    While the individuals are out working, Jan-Pro handles all the non-revenue generating services including invoicing and customer service.

    “We handle all the parts of the business that are non revenue generating so the franchisees can spend 100% of their effort on the revenue side, providing excellent service to our client base,” Ibsen said.

    Ibsen says their franchise business model makes them unique from other local cleaning companies, and gives people the benefit of being in business for themselves, but not by themselves. Franchise owners go through a 5-week training program that not only teaches them to clean to the Jan-Pro standard, but also how to operate their business as a business owner.

    “We’re managing and coaching business owners as opposed to managing employees,” Ibsen explained. “And I think that makes us pretty unique and it’s a model that has served us and those who work in the Jan-Pro system very well."

    With 96 franchisees currently in their system, that success is easy to see. Ibsen says his favorite part of his job is seeing the people he works with succeed at owning their own business.

    “We watch franchisees put their children through college, buy houses,” he said. “We’ve seen people who have come from all types of backgrounds and become successful business operators. And that’s really the best part about Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems.”

    Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems Central Coast recently opened a new office at 1660 South Broadway in Santa Maria. As valued Chamber members since 2002, we were happy to celebrate the grand opening with them. You can learn more about Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems Central Coast by calling (805) 349-7503 or visiting www.jan-pro.com/centralcoast.

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