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    We invite you to join the
    Equity Advisory & Outreach Committee
    Apply by August 4, 2021

    Apply to join the 

    Equity Advisory & Outreach Committee!

    The Equity Advisory & Outreach Committee (EA+OC) is a transformative approach to ensuring marginalized voices are included within public planning processes. 
    We invite you to join this important committee to ensure equity principles, considerations, and measures are infused into regional and local plans, policies, programs, and projects that will affect the region for years to come.

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    The EA+OC is a committee of the Santa Barbara County Regional Climate Collaborative, a growing network of agencies and organizations working on solutions to address the region's climate challenges. 

    The EA+OC has advised projects such as the;

    • County of Santa Barbara’s 2030 Climate Action Plan (CAP),

    • Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (CCVA), 

    • Active Transportation Plan (ATP),

    • Environmental Justice Element, 

    • the City of Santa Barbara’s Climate Action Plan, and

    • SBCAG’s Connected 2050 Environmental Justice Chapter.

    Other efforts by the other public agencies may be brought before the  EA+OC. Additionally, the EA+OC could drive the identification, development, and implementation of future policies, programs, and projects to address the communities’ needs.

    No professional experience is required. We are seeking members who serve or represent communities or populations that are underrepresented, marginalized, and/or under-resourced. *Committee members may be eligible to receive a $100 per hour for meeting participation; to learn more, see here
    To be considered for Committee membership, please apply by August 4. For any questions,
    concerns or responses you prefer to provide via phone, please feel free to contact us directly.