• Leadership Santa Maria Valley Needs Your Support!

    Leadership Santa Maria Valley continues to work on their two community projects - a mobile observatory and a children’s book  - and they need your support! The class still has a need for donations in terms of labor, expertise, and finances.

    Partly due to the COVID19 situation, it has become much more difficult for the class to reach and persuade students to participate and follow through on the art contest they set up for their Children's book. What would have entailed visiting school teachers and administrators with direct student access, have now resulted in the need to find other creative ways to reach students.

    For the mobile observatory, it has been difficult to find contractors with the skills, resources, time, and expertise to help us complete such a novel project. The observatory needs carpenters with the ability to modify the back portion of a toy hauler trailer for the fitting of a six foot diameter dome in the ceiling.

    When completed, the Class of 2020 hopes that these projects will serve as shining examples of community unity that will endure for years to come.

    To learn more about the projects and how to get involved or donate, visit santamaria.com/leadership-2020-legacy-project.