• Local Property Manager, Lawnae Hunter Featured In New Collection Of Stories About Stroke Survivors

    SANTA MARIA, CALIFORNIA, November 11, 2021 — In Just Say “Yes” to Life, Vol. 1, a collection of stories about surviving and thriving after stroke, people from all over the U.S. tell it like it is about the tragedies and triumphs they experienced after stroke. They speak with candor about their worst days, their grit and resilience, and the profound contentment and unexpected bursts of enthusiasm they feel for life today.

    Written to give solace to current survivors, the 26 stories in Just Say Yes” to Life! detail how these survivors coped, and which therapies helped them most. Readers will be inspired by learning about the personal triumphs of Santa Maria’s very own Lawnae Hunter. While still in ownership of Plus Property Management, Lawnae found herself fighting for her life for several months following her stroke. Through her consistent dedication to get better, she’s still seeing progression in her recovery to this day, dating back to nearly seven years ago. As she continues to move mountains in both business and relationships, Lawnae is nothing but an inspiration to be the vision behind this book and the co-creation of the non-profit, Stroke Awareness Oregon.

    Authentic, vulnerable, and brave, the tales give stroke survivors, and those who love them, hope for the best possible recovery and encourage them to never give up!

    Just Say “Yes” to Life, Vol. 1 is independently published by Stroke Awareness Oregon and can be found at https://www.storiesofstroke.com/ and available at regional outlets and bookstores, as well as at Amazon Marketplace in both print and digital formats.