• Marian Regional Medical Center Partners to Provide Car Seats and Bike Helmets to Low Income Families

    California Kids’ Plates Program is a statewide program that supports unintentional injury prevention for children through California non-profits
    SANTA MARIA, CA July 21, 2021 – To keep the children of the community safe and injury free, Marian Regional Medical Center is distributing multi-sport child safety helmets and convertible car seats to low income families in need of this essential, life-saving equipment.
    The California Kids Plates Program provided the protective equipment items to Marian Regional Medical Center to distribute at no cost to underserved patients and their families of children up to age 18. In addition to receiving the gear, education is provided for proper usage.
    “As the primary health care facility in the Santa Maria Valley, Marian Regional Medical Center has a commitment to the health and safety of local youth,” says Marian Regional Medical Center President and CEO, Sue Andersen.” This incredible program offers us a proactive opportunity to educate and protect those that are most vulnerable - our children and the underserved population, and we are grateful for this partnership.”
    Convertible car seats will be distributed the Marian Family Birthing Center and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to families unable to purchase a car seat due to financial limitations, and in the Emergency Services Department, which is a Level III trauma center, to those involved in an automobile accident and in need of a new seat. In total, 32 car seats, which can be used for children five pounds and up, and up to two years of age, will be given to community members.
    Bike helmets will be distributed by both the Emergency Services Department and the Pediatric Department to children without the critical safety gear. Nearly 100 bicycle helmets in three sizes will be distributed.
    California Kids’ Plates is a statewide program which funds child injury and child abuse prevention, and regulation of childcare services. It provides local assistance grants to injury prevention organizations to help keep kids safe. Funding comes from the sale of specialty license plates that include symbols and let drivers make their own statement.