• Marian Regional Medical Center Today Unveiled New Pediatric Emergency Department

    SANTA MARIA, CA – July 16, 2021 – Today, Marian Regional Medical Center held the grand opening of its new Pediatric Emergency Department, generously sponsored by Rancho Guadalupe, LLC.   
    The new unit will enhance care for youth in the community. The addition of the nearly 2,000 square foot unit includes: seven dedicated pediatric beds with three triage rooms, a separate pediatric entrance, a dedicated pediatric nurse’s station, and a newly designed lobby. The increase in overall beds brings the total emergency department beds to 42, including private adult rooms.
    In recent years, the Marian Foundation completed a $2.5 million Emergency Services Expansion Project campaign. Rancho Guadalupe was the Emergency Services Expansion Project campaign’s most significant funder and the company’s transformational donation directly supported the pediatric emergency department. 
    “I cannot imagine a better way to support our community as Marian is the lifeline of the Santa Maria Valley,” states James Wesner, Rancho Guadalupe co-owner. “I was born and raised in Santa Maria and since I was a boy it has grown from a population of 40,000 to well over 100,000; with so many more people in our community, it is of crucial importance for our family members, friends, and neighbors to have access to a well-equipped facility to provide for our current and future health care needs.”
    Dick Donati, Rancho Guadalupe co-owner, adds, “Rancho Guadalupe is both honored and excited to partner with Marian to make the pediatric emergency department a reality in Santa Maria. This partnership is such an inspiration to me because I know that the local attentive care our children will receive is going to have an enormously positive effect on pediatric patients as well as our entire community.”
    In celebration of Rancho Guadalupe’s extraordinary commitment to the community, the expansion’s Pediatric Emergency Department Center will bear the company’s name. Rancho Guadalupe’s specific support of the Pediatric Emergency Department is particularly special as company leaders are passionate about advancing local pediatric care and this specialized pediatric emergency department will help to further Marian’s development of pediatric services.