• Santa Maria Chamber Champions #RespectWorks Campaign

    Recognizing the importance of an inclusive, harassment-free workplace, the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce is partnering with CalChamber on their #RespectWorks initiative.
    #RespectWorks is a campaign to promote and implement a harassment-free workplace for all Californians.
    The Santa Maria Chamber has embraced this effort, and invites the local business community to join in by adopting proven, best practices that will help educate workers and employers on ways to prevent workplace harassment and increase inclusiveness. Harassment-free workplaces that respect all workers are more successful, have better retention rates and will increase the employer’s ability to recruit and hire the most qualified workers.
    “We know that the vast majority of our members care deeply about their employees and work hard to create a positive work environment in their businesses,” said the Chamber’s CEO Glenn Morris.   “We think this campaign can serve two purposes … first to recognize those businesses who are committed to the idea of a respectful workplace, and second to provide encouragement and tools to those who may need to make improvements in their businesses.” 
    Businesses that pledge to be a part of the #RespectWorks Campaign, agree to take the following actions to ensure they are doing all possible to prevent harassment in your workplace:
    Distribute harassment, discrimination and retaliation prevention policy to your employees
    Provide harassment prevention training
    Take all complaints seriously
    Investigate all complaints
    Take prompt action
    No retaliation
    Treat everyone with respect
    To assist in implementing these action items, CalChamber will provide businesses access to a number of resources to assist with harassment prevention. These resources include:
    Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Prevention Policy
    Harassment Prevention Policy Implementation Checklist
    #RespectWorks poster in English and Spanish
    These resources will help individual businesses implement a harassment prevention policy, (or evaluate your current policies and process) and maintain a culture of respect throughout the workplace.
    You can learn more about the #RespectWorks Campaign and sign your business up by visiting www.respectworks.calchamber.com. 
    If your business is interested in becoming an early adapter of the #RespectWorks Campaign, we’d love to hear from you and highlight you on our social media platforms. Please contact Molly Schiff, Marketing & Communications Manager at the Santa Maria Valley Chamber, at molly@santamaria.com to learn more.