• Santa Maria Chamber Joins “Santa Barbara for Safe & Local Transport” Coalition

    The Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce recently joined Santa Barbara for Safe & Local Transport, a coalition focused on restoring funding for county services and bringing back local jobs through the restart of ExxonMobil’s Santa Ynez Unit (SYU). We encourage our members to visit their web site and consider joining as individual supporters. 

    SYU has been a part of our community since 1970, but was forced to shut down operations in 2015 after a third-party pipeline rupture. Many local workers were displaced and the county lost millions in tax revenue that went to local schools, public safety, and other important county services. Since it will take several years to construct a new pipeline, restarting SYU requires the temporary trucking of oil to local refineries. 

    A temporary trucking permit must be obtained by the County of Santa Barbara in order to begin trucking and restart SYU. Obtaining the permit will require an extensive education effort so our County Supervisors understand the importance of the permit, what is at stake if SYU is not restarted and the corresponding impacts to people and county services. Which is why we need your help. 

    SYU’s restart will restore critical funding for public safety, fire and schools, and allow displaced local workers and their families to return to Santa Barbara county. Please consider joining Santa Barbara for Safe & Local Transport to return local jobs, tax revenue and economic growth to the region.

    For more information or to sign-up on-line, visit: safetransportsb.com

    Thank you for your time, and we hope you’ll consider joining in with your support of Santa Barbara for Safe & Local Transport.