• Santa Maria Valley Chamber Issues Scorecard on Legislation

    Tracking and advocating on issues before the state legislature is an important role of the Chamber of Commerce.   Guided by principles recommended by the Chamber's Business/Government Roundtable, the Chamber works with our advocacy partners and coalitions to share the potential impacts (for good or ill) of proposed legislation and encourages our elected representatives to vote accordingly. Recognizing that we won't always be in perfect agreement, we think it's important to acknowledge our representatives when they get it right and to share the overall results with our members.

    During the 2021 legislative session, the Chamber and our partners tracked dozens of bills, many of which were dropped at various stages of the legislative process. Ultimately, we identified twelve bills that received final votes in the Assembly and ten in the State Senate as representative samples of the key issues we were engaged on this year. These bills dealt with a wide range of issues, including Climate Change, Health Care, Housing and Land Use, Labor and employment, Privacy and Cybersecurity, Recycling, Transportation and Infrastructure, and Workplace Safety. 

    Of the twelve bills which received a final vote, ten were bills that the Chamber urged be defeated and two were bills that we supported passing. 

    We look forward to working with our regional partners and those who represent the Central Coast in Sacramento in the 2022 session as we collectively work to make California thrive economically.