• Santa Maria Valley Chamber Launches Campaign to Encourage Community to “Support Santa Maria Valley”

    When you support Santa Maria Valley's businesses today, you are helping ensure a strong local community tomorrow. That’s the message behind the “Support Santa Maria Valley” campaign launched by the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce.

    “The COVID-19 pandemic has brought countless challenges to our local business community,” explained Glenn Morris, President/CEO of the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce. “Our organization felt it was critical to remind the community of the importance in continuing to support local businesses.”

    The campaign, launched in early August and set to run through the end of the year, features a variety of local businesses and highlights the many benefits of supporting local. Through TV, Radio, Digital, Print and Social Media campaigns in English and Spanish, the Chamber hopes community members will see the messaging as a friendly reminder to continue to patron local businesses in the Santa Maria Valley who need their support now, more than ever.

    “When you shop at your favorite local business, you create a snowball effect,” explained Emily Kitts, Owner of Naughty Oak Brewing Company. “Local businesses keep much of their money in the community by working with other local vendors, so your dollars end up supporting several local entities.”

    Teresa Paredes, Owner of Maya Mexican Restaurant in Santa Maria, says she loves that owning her own business allows her to help support other local businesses.

    “My business supports our local community by buying the majority of our ingredients and products from local vendors,” Paredes explained. “From my produce to seasonings to even meats. We also donate a lot to our community by hosting fundraisers and sponsor different local organizations for good causes.”

    Sandra Dickerson, CEO of Your People Professionals, agrees supporting local is a win for everyone in our community.

    “Local businesses provide the financial support for our community, through wages, taxes and community contributions,” she explained. “Supporting them supports all of us.”

    You can learn more about the Support Santa Maria Valley campaign by visiting santamaria.com/support-santa-maria-valley and by following the Chamber on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The Santa Maria Valley Chamber is encouraging more local businesses and community members to get involved in the campaign by using the hashtag #SMVOpenForBusiness. They’ve also created a number of signs available for local businesses to print and take photos with, available here.

    “The Santa Maria Valley community is strong because we have always been able to come together and help one another in times of need,” Morris said. “While continuing to practice good hygiene, wearing a mask and social distancing, we ask that our community come together and continue to show their support for our local businesses. Supporting local businesses will help ensure the Santa Maria Valley remains a great place to live, work and play.”