• Santa Maria Valley Chamber Opposes AB 84/SB 95

    The Santa Maria Valley Chamber partnered with the California Chamber of Commerce and other organizations to respectfully OPPOSE AB 84 (Ting)/ SB 95 (Skinner), as the bills would imposes a significant cost onto small employers, who the State has already acknowledged are suffering due to this pandemic. This paid sick leave mandate would essentially negate any financial relief small employers may receive through the proposed grant programs pending in the Budget.

    Glenn Morris commented on the bills stating, "While we all believe in supporting our workforce in any difficult circumstances and, especially, when impacted by the COVID pandemic, we need to communicate to legislators that they cannot continue to make financial and other promises and then expect employers to pay the bill.   Business should not be the public social net.  The loss of productivity when employees are out of work is already a huge disruption and cost to the business."

    The letter written in opposition to AB 84/SB 95 can be found here.