• Santa Maria Valley Chamber Opposes The Extension Of SB 95 (Skinner)

    The Santa Maria Valley Chamber partnered with the California Chamber of Commerce and other organizations oppose any proposal for a blanket extension of SB 95 beyond the September 30, 2021 sunset date. The situation has changed significantly since SB 95 was enacted in March. Far fewer Californians were vaccinated, and many Californians had not yet had the opportunity to get vaccinated. Now, vaccines are free and widely available – but many Californians are choosing not to get them. This has led us to what has been called a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” where individuals are choosing to make themselves vulnerable to COVID-19 by avoiding safe vaccines. The California Department of Public Health reports that the case rate is 600% higher among unvaccinated individuals compared to vaccinated individuals.

    The letter written in opposition of any extension of SB95 can be found here.