• SMV Chamber Leader Selected For Economic Recovery Fellowship

    SANTA MARIA, CA (August 10, 2020) — Glenn Morris, Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce President & CEO, has been selected by the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) to study economic recovery and resilience strategies with 41 other chamber of commerce professionals from communities throughout the United States.
    The Fellowship for Economic Recovery is an immersive executive development program that provides chamber of commerce professionals with education and tools to improve the post-COVID-19 pandemic outcomes in the communities they serve.
    “The Chamber has already launched a number of short-term initiatives to begin addressing the unprecedented challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Glenn Morris.   “We recognize, however, that stabilizing and rebuilding our local economy will be a long-term, ongoing challenge.   We also know that simply getting back to where we were isn’t good enough and that this moment should be seen as an opportunity to drive significant improvement in the economic vitality of all segments of our community.    This opportunity seemed like a great way to learn best-practices from communities around the country and find strategies that will have significant impact here in the Santa Maria Valley.”
    Throughout the year-long Fellowship for Economic Recovery, participants focus on addressing different aspects of economic recovery from education and talent to economic development to entrepreneurship. The curriculum will focus on strategies for building more equitable economic outcomes and creating economies that work for everyone.
    “We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to this executive leadership training initiative and the high caliber of applicants,” said ACCE President Sheree Ann Kelly. Speaking on the need for businesses to engage in economic recovery activities, Kelly says her organization assists its members through various learning opportunities and best practice sharing. “This latest step in our strategy to engage business leaders and advocates in shaping recovery efforts, building resilient local economies and creating opportunities for everyone in the community to thrive.”
    ACCE’s Fellowship for Economic Recovery is designed to help chambers refine their economic recovery goals and ultimately help the business associations nationwide build replicable programs and processes. Leaders selected to participate in the Fellowship represent urban and rural communities from 24 states.